Luiz seeks a transfer to Spain’s Real Madrid, Liverpool want 50 million...

Luiz seeks a transfer to Spain’s Real Madrid, Liverpool want 50 million in transfer fees

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Luiz seeks a transfer to Spain’s Real Madrid

When one thinks of Luis Suarez, most people recall the ‘racist’ incident that he was found guilty for in a spat on the field with Evra. Or even the Ivanovic biting incident that spawned a million memes all over the internet.

But what makes him irresistible is the fact that he can, as some Liverpool fans and press members claim, ‘nutmeg’ a mermaid…

A tumultuous ride, indeed, for a striker and in stark contrast to the time when he was playing at Ajax joining the likes of Van Basten, Cryuff and Bergkamp in scoring more than 100 goals for the club.

To make matters worse, the media has slammed him from time to time and is the reason why he wants to leave Liverpool during the summer transfer window.

Suarez expressed his desire to move in no simple terms, in an interview, and said, “I have only words of thanks to the club, the fans of Liverpool, but the treatment I received from the rest of England in recent weeks has been tough. It (Liverpool) is a spectacular club, but they are aware of the way that the press treats me.”

And with Marca, a popular Spanish sports newspaper, claiming that the striker has already struck a deal with Real Madrid, it all boils down to Brendan Rodgers and the club’s willingness to let him go.

Yet with Madrid willing to put down a lot of money for the Urugayian striker so far, it doesn’t look like even Liverpool, a club with five European titles to its name, can stop him from moving to Spain – even if the manager’s desire is to build a quality squad.

This move by Madrid doesn’t come as a surprise, considering his 30 goals for the season with Liverpool, and possibly due to the Spanish super club needing to find suitable replacements for both Higuain and Benzema, who haven’t lived up to their potential during their stint.

Reports also suggest that the deal, if and when struck with Suarez, will have him donning the Los Blancos colors for four years at least, and quite obviously, and in a supporting role to their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to latest reports, it doesn’t look like the former Dutch Footballer of the Year is interested in more money or even to strive for Champions League glory with this alleged move to Real Madrid. However, there’s no doubt that the club would like to retain his services for a few more seasons or if not, get paid 50 million plus in transfer fees for the striker.

And with Mourinho leaving Madrid, and its president, Perez, seeking to be re-elected, it seems as if the only positive that Luis Suarez might benefit from, in being transferred, is rendering the ten-match FA ban redundant.

Photo by ruaraidhg, available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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